Paintings – Summer 2013

When not looking for work this summer I have been taking the opportunity to fine tune my watercolour skills and to teach myself how to paint in acrylics. Even tough I’ve been painting in watercolour for the past two years, I’ve been finding acrylic very difficult especially in the matter of developing a language of brush-strokes. In watercolour the movement of the brush on the paper is barely ever evident, whereas in acrylic I find myself having to seriously think in each level of colour application how to physically put the paint on the canvas. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the depth and complexity permitted by non-transparent paint, and will try to bring myself up to speed in this new medium.

I am also finding myself still working through old photos from my life in Lausanne, despite the fact that Maine is giving me more than enough to paint. I think it may be because we have fewer colours here.



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