A small on-going project that I started when I discovered that I could install ArchiCAD on my home laptop, and play around with my work software after-hours.

I had some sketches floating around in my notebook for ages, really since my thesis project, of aquiline pitched roof buildings. Using these as a base, and drawing on practical knowledge that I’d acquired working in residential architecture, I started fleshing out my ideas and honing in on the forms that I wanted to create.

I also took this project as an opportunity to experiment with rendering over white model images in photoshop, using that program to “paint” my images rather than rely on a plug-in render program to do the work for me. What I’ve found is that it is much more difficult to do than traditional digital renders, and certainly not as easy as it looks on youtube. To date, I am only really pleased/finished with one image:


A section cut created through a blend of photoshoped images over a white model with hand-written notes on trace-paper layered on top. This image was created over a period of two/three hour sessions on Friday afternoons, after-hours at the office, when everyone had left, and I could take advantage of my iMac’s large screen and processor power. This became a minor habit for me, and as such, I haven’t yet completed many other renders in this series.

These are two versions of the same perspective that I worked on before the section. On the left is a newer, more dynamic arrangement. On the right, my first attempt at this style of rendering, darker and more contained. I cannot say as I write this, which I prefer. I imagine that I still have much to master in this method of illustration, though luckily I have several white model renders and section cuts of this design on file, which I can play with at any time.

There would be more entries in this series, but unfortunately, at the moment, circumstances have conspired to delay my production. I intend to continue this illustration and design experiment as soon as possible.


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