New IKTHUS II Render

Hot off of my copy of Photoshop CC, a new perspective render of my Ikthus II sketch project.

Axo Perspective 1

As with the other images I created of this project, this render was created using a 3D BIM model from ArchiCAD 19. I exported plain tonal “white model” renders as well as rendered sketch linework, and used those images as the base on top of which I painted materials and surroundings. I am fairly pleased with the product, though I realize that I have much to learn given how advanced professional digital illustrators are. Still, early days yet.

Given that I no longer have access to a copy of ArchiCAD, and a limited supply of white model renders from this project, I’ve been thinking about how to proceed in this series. In the coming weeks I may try to skip the white model render stage, and instead, substitute scanned hand sketches, and paint over them directly. Though it would take longer and have less precision, I could skip the stage where I add back in paper textures and process sketches. Eh, who knows, might be good…


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