Construction Documentation

A selection of construction documents that I prepared while working at my first job at the Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design at Charleston, South Carolina. The drawings shown were produced primarily by me. Where others have helped contribute to the production of the drawing, I have noted their names and involvement, along with the Project Manager supervising the design.


345 Surfsong Road

A renovation of an existing beach house carried-out in two phases. Phase one was to remodel the basement to include a mudroom and pool showers. Construction completed.

*All 345 Drawings drawn exclusively by myself, under the direction of Kenneth Wiland, AIA.


84 Jackstay Road

A new private house built in the New England Shingle Style, approx 6,000 sqft, five bedrooms. Currently under construction.

*84 Jackstay drawings shown were produced by myself, under the direction of Kenneth Wiland, AIA, with the exceptions of sheet A-403, where some of the base drawing was done by Lauren Rosenburg, and sheet A-911, where I did the base drawing and she added notation and made adjustments to the layout.


143 High Dunes Road

A new private house of mixed aesthetic influences, approx 6,000 sqft, six bedrooms. Never built.

*All 143 Drawings drawn exclusively by myself, under the direction of Kenneth Wiland, AIA.


36 Surfsong Road

A new private house in the Shingle Style, approx 8,000 sqft, four bedrooms (two additional options for bedrooms). Under construction.

*36 Drawings shown here were produced largely by myself. These drawings were produced in ArchiCAD, a BIM system, so the drawings were extracted from a 3d model to which myself, Ryan Smith, Brian Warner, and Michelle Peltier contributed under the direction of Scott Anderson. I did the lion’s share of this project’s 3d Modelling, plan development, and exterior elevations. Of these images shown, the roof plan of the guest house and the four details to the right on A-601, were begun by me, and finished by Brian Warner.