Paintings – Oil

Assorted paintings done in Gamblin Oils from 2014-2016.

I began painting in oil virtually the moment that I found steady, full-time, architectural employment. While I found acrylic painting amusing, I was constantly frustrated by the short drying times, the lack of inherent volume, and more than anything else; the simple fact that anything painted in acrylic ends up looking like the plastic it is.

One of my first major influences, probably one of the people who inspired me to go into architecture, James Gurney (illustrator and author of the Dinotopia series), wrote two spectacular guides to realist painting and color usage. With these two books and youtube as my instructors, I continued painting in private, shifting entirely from acrylic to oil.

Immediately, I was impressed by oil’s texture and mutability. It allows the painter to achieve chromatic gradients and light effects that would be all but impossible to capture in acrylic. Beginning with fairly amateur attempts, I have progressed greatly in my understanding of color and composition, not only in painting, but in digital rendering, and Architectural Design as well.