Paintings – Watercolours and Acrylic

During the summer of 2010 I was not able to find a summer job. I decided therefore to spend my spare time developing some new skills and broadening my artistic horizons. I bought a set of watercolours, a palette, and paper. Everyday the weather was good enough, I went to the lake by my house and painted the same view. Over the last few years I have continued to paint in watercolour and move on to acrylic, working off of photos and en plein air, in America and abroad.Berne 1 Boulevard des Alpes 2 Centre Ville 3 Crystal en plein air 2 Crystal en plein air Cygne Cygnes  1 and 2 Cygnes 2 Dublin Pub Garcon Gargoyles Gray Grimentz Les Voiles Lutry Ouchy 1 Ouchy 3 Project 2 Pully 5 Rocks exercise Rowing Club St Jean 1 St Jean St Sulpice 2 St Sulpice 3 St Sulpice 8 Valaisbackyard boston chalet_small evian grimentz_small outcrop_scan slope woods


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